The Centre hosts Data Fellows in The Hague in June and July each year. Through this programme, the Fellows design and deliver targeted projects that contribute to the overall goals of the Centre. The programme is residential, with Fellows living and working in The Hague under the direction of the Data Fellows Programme Coordinator and with support from the entire Centre team.

The 2018 Data Fellows are focusing on four areas where the Centre is seeking new perspectives, insights and partnerships. This includes Data Science, Data Storytelling, Predictive Analytics, and User Experience Research.


Data Science: Humanitarian partners are collecting and sharing more data than at any other time and this trend will continue as more systems, sensors and people come online in crisis settings. OCHA’s HDX platform now includes thousands of datasets that have been shared by hundreds of organizations. The Data Science Fellow will apply data mining techniques to convert data into actionable insights. There is a specific focus on data on education in emergencies and which are experiencing conflict, both in terms of the data being utilized and the potential applications of the analytical model(s) identified.


Data Storytelling: As the number of data-driven insights increase within the humanitarian sector, a challenge has emerged in relation to how these insights translate into concrete action at a global, regional, and local level. The Data Storytelling Fellow will translate insights into action through visual and narrative methods that activate priority audiences and have impact.


Predictive Analytics: The Centre is working to improve the range and depth of data services available to the humanitarian community. One area of emerging interest is predictive analytics: asking ‘what will happen’ in a particular humanitarian context and using data science to arrive at an answer. The Predictive Analytics Fellow will identify and assess available models and generate recommendations for the Centre on whether and, if so, how to further develop capacity in this area.


User Experience Research: Effective user experience research helps to ensure that products and services are responding to clear needs. The User Experience Fellow will further develop the user experience strategies for select initiatives within the Centre’s portfolio.

If you have questions about the Data Fellows Programme, send an email to We plan to advertise for the next class in early 2019.