As a distributed global team, we are intentional about how we organize and collaborate internally and externally to achieve our priorities. We believe the following summarizes our approach. 

  • Humble Excellence: We are committed to delivering the best products and services in the shortest time possible. We do not settle for ‘good enough’. We realize the challenges in the humanitarian sector are immense and that our contribution is a small part of the bigger picture. 
  • Community Convenors: We collaborate with those in the humanitarian sector and beyond, sharing what we know and seeking expertise across a network of data-focused partners. We aim to narrow the gap in understanding between actors through joint projects, participatory events and clear communication. 
  • Future Focused: We keep an eye to the future, scanning the horizon to understand and evaluate emerging risks and opportunities. With our analysis, we aim to help humanitarians get ahead of predictable crises and take a long-term view. 
  • Grounded in Practice: We love working with data, and use this direct experience to inform the guidance and training we provide to staff and partners. We stay focused on priority humanitarian operations, ensuring the work we do is in service of tangible advances on the ground.
  • Making Space for Nuance: We know there is uncertainty inherent in working with data about humanitarian operations. We advocate for thoughtful approaches to data and analysis, helping humanitarians balance uncertainty with proactive decision making.
  • Human-Centered: We use a human-centered design approach to inform our products. As the actors in our ecosystem expand, we aim to surface and respond to the breadth of their needs. We are focused on putting data to work for vulnerable people in need of humanitarian assistance.