The OCHA Centre for Humanitarian Data’s Peer Review Framework for Predictive Analytics in Humanitarian Response aims to create standards and processes for the use of models in our sector. Through peer review, the Centre seeks to ensure models can be understood and trusted by all stakeholders in a humanitarian operation.

The Centre is looking for independent experts who can support the review of predictive models submitted by our partners. We are seeking two profiles:

  • Technical Reviewer: an individual with demonstrated expertise in data science or statistics and their application in the relevant context.
  • Ethical Reviewer: an individual with demonstrated expertise in practical and humanitarian ethics.

The Centre invites experts to submit an application to become a Reviewer in the technical or ethical domain. Once accepted, the Reviewer will become part of an on-going Reviewer Pool managed by the Centre. Reviewers will be selected based on availability and a match of skills for the model in reference. Reviewers will not be assigned to review models submitted by their own organization or in case of any other potential conflict of interest. The Reviewer role is unpaid.

Reviewers are expected to:

  • Assess submitted models in line with the evaluation criteria identified in the Peer Review Framework.
  • Complete the Model Evaluation Matrix or Ethical Matrix included in the Peer Review Framework.
  • Provide recommendations to the partners submitting the models.

If you are interested in becoming a Technical or Ethical Reviewer, please submit your application using our form.


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