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How have the number of refugees and displaced people fluctuated over the past two years in Mali? How many people are food insecure and how many children under five are malnourished? You can now get quick access to this data with HDX’s Mali country page.

Our latest custom country page brings together important data on a complex crisis, covering themes as wide-ranging as the location of refugee camps, the results of a 2014 nutrition survey and the projected trends for malnourishment in 2015, population data disaggregated by sex, market prices for rice and maize, and the humanitarian funding received so far in 2015. Sources for the data include the Mali Ministry of Health, WFP, WHO, UNICEF, and FAO, among many others.

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Users will also find a number of datasets related to the Ebola crisis, including the number of cases and deaths in affected countries. Mali had 7 confirmed cases and 5 confirmed deaths from the Ebola virus, before the country was declared free of the virus in January 2015.

We recently introduced a new feature for making geospatial data immediately viewable on a map. For Mali, there are a number of geo datasets that have this capability: administrative boundaries, health districts, and road networks. Users can mouse over the map to get more information about the dataset. We hope this increases the speed to insight for data that is can often be buried in zip files.

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The Mali page is the second custom country page available in HDX following Colombia, which was released in December 2014. Our developers have now made it easier to create these pages. and we will keep adding them over the course of 2015 as we support more OCHA offices and bring in more crisis data. We will also extend the geodata preview feature to cover a wider range of file types and sizes.

Special thanks to Guido Pizzini, the Information Management Unit of OCHA Mali, and humanitarian partners in Mali for this great collaboration! Send feedback to