Data responsibility entails a set of principles, processes and tools that support the safe, ethical and effective management of data in humanitarian response. This includes data privacy, protection, and security, as well as other practical measures to mitigate risk and prevent harm.

There is a wealth of guidance available on how to responsibly manage data in public health emergencies and in humanitarian action more generally that should inform data management in the COVID-19 response. The following resources provide additional information and guidance on the safe, ethical, and effective management of data in humanitarian action:

  1. Recommendations on privacy and data protection in the fight against COVID-19 (Access Now)
  2. Handbook on Data Protection in Humanitarian Action (ICRC and Brussels Privacy Hub)
  3. Working Draft Data Responsibility Guidelines (OCHA Centre for Humanitarian Data)
  4. mHealth Data Security, Privacy, and Confidentiality: Guidelines for Program Implementers and Policymakers

For a broad range of resources related to data responsibility in development and humanitarian work, consult the Responsible Data Resource List maintained by MERL Tech and the Engine Room.