A dataset that satisfies the sub-category definition is considered as relevant for that sub-category. There are three main criteria for whether relevant data is included in the Data Grids: 1) disaggregated beyond the national level; 2) commonly-used formats; and 3) timeliness. If at least one dataset meets all criteria, that sub-category is considered ‘complete’. If at least one dataset meets some of these criteria, the sub-category is considered ‘incomplete’. If a dataset does not meet the criteria or does not exist on HDX, the sub-category is considered empty or as having no data. A sub-category can be considered “Not applicable” if the sub-category relates to a humanitarian issue that is not a concern in the country . The small square to the left of the dataset name indicates if the dataset is complete (dark blue) or incomplete (light blue), depending on how it meets the criteria for the Data Grids. In the latter case, hovering on a dataset name displays some comments about the limitations of the dataset. Learn more in our blog post about it.