9.There are three ways to share data on HDX:

a. Public: Data is accessible to anyone who visits HDX, whether or not they are a registered user.

b. Private: Data is accessible only to registered users who are members of the organization that uploaded the data on HDX.

c. HDX Connect: The metadata of a dataset is available and the contributing organization can decide whether or not to share the dataset when requested by a registered user.


10. Organizations must specify an appropriate license for all data they share publicly. Organizations are free to choose the license for their data. We have suggested some options here


11. Organizations may use HDX to share data from other sources if the applicable license allows for onward sharing. 


12. After downloading a public dataset, users must follow the applicable license when using and sharing the data. 


13. Organizations may use the HDX Connect feature to direct users to data hosted outside of HDX. In such cases, organizations should link directly to the specific dataset described on HDX and not to a more general landing page of an external platform.


14. When an organization grants access to data requested via HDX Connect, the data does not pass through the HDX infrastructure.