Organisation admins can invite new members, remove existing members or change their roles from the ‘Members’ tab on the organisation page.

Registered users can also initiate a request to join your organisation during the signup process or later on from your organisation page (if you want to disable this option, read the question below ‘I am an organisation admin. I don’t want anyone to request membership and want to manually add/remove members.’).

Membership requests are sent to your email and also added as a notification on HDX. If you can confirm that the user works for your organisation (ie. by using a company directory) or is in your trusted network, then you may approve the request. If you cannot verify who the user is, you should decline the request. Please do not approve membership requests for people outside your organisation or working group. For full details on managing members, please read this document. Please be aware that anyone added to your organisation on HDX can view the organisation’s private datasets.