Data Review

  1. In order to ensure data quality and to prevent any sensitive data from being exposed through HDX, OCHA reviews all datasets that are shared publicly or privately on the platform. This review consists of:
    a. An automated scan for sensitive data using Google’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tool, to flag and prioritize data for manual review by OCHA.
    b. A manual review based on a quality assurance checklist that includes the completeness of metadata, the relevance of the data to humanitarian action, the integrity of the data resources, and the absence of any sensitive data, among other criteria.
  2. If the manual review under 13(b) shows that a dataset contains personal or sensitive data, the dataset is placed ‘under review’. While data is under review, users will only be able to consult the metadata.
  3. For microdata such as household survey results, OCHA runs a disclosure risk assessment to assess the risk of a person or group being re-identified. All datasets labeled as ‘microdata’ by the contributing organization at the point of upload are automatically placed under review. The dataset will remain under review until OCHA is able to determine that the risk of re-identification is below the risk threshold and that any sensitive data has been removed from the dataset by the organization. More information about this process is available here.
  4. If a user notices personal or sensitive data shared through the HDX platform they should contact immediately to request that the data be removed.