Account Management

  1. User account. HDX is an open platform and anyone can use it without creating a user account. Signing up with HDX gives users access to additional features such as the ability to receive notifications about data; joining an organization as a member, editor or admin; and requesting access to datasets shared via HDX Connect, among other benefits.
  2. Organization account. Data can only be shared on HDX by approved organizations. Organizations can represent a formal legal entity such as a non-governmental organization, or an informal collective such as an Information Management Working Group. OCHA reviews requests to create an organization account to: (1) verify the identity of the requester and (2) determine whether the data that will be shared meets the requirements set out in the DATA SCOPE AND CRITERIA section below.
  3. You may delete your user or organization account at any time. When you delete your account, OCHA will delete any personal data we collected in order to create the account. When an organization account is deleted, the data shared by the organization is also deleted from HDX.