We have introduced a new feature on HDX for archiving datasets that are no longer operationally relevant but may still be useful for research. As we reach almost 19,000 datasets on HDX, we want to make sure users are quickly able to find the data they need.

The main criteria for archiving are that the data was shared prior to 2016 (more than five years ago) and has never been updated. We will review the datasets that meet these criteria and make exceptions for data that has been downloaded at least a thousand times since 2016. 

Overall, we expect to archive just under 1,000 datasets from around 70 organizations. The data will still be available on HDX and will be searchable but will be separated by an ‘Archived Datasets’ toggle. Archived datasets will have a folder icon next to the dataset title.


So far, we have archived just under 300 datasets and this process will continue over the next week and on a bi-annual basis going forward. An organization can unarchive a dataset if they think it is still relevant. The HDX team will keep this data unarchived in our system and on HDX for another six months but it will be archived again if the data is not updated or downloaded frequently during this time. 

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback. Contact us at centrehumdata@un.org.