The Centre’s data literacy work is focused on increasing the capability of humanitarians to access and use data in their daily work. We offer in-person and remote training for technical and non-technical users of data.

We conduct frequent webinars on areas where we have specific subject matter expertise such as data policy, data visualization, predictive analytics, and how to use HDX and HXL. In partnership with the Tableau Foundation, we provide access to training courses on data visualization using the Tableau software. Check the Events page for the dates of upcoming webinars.

The Centre is partnering with the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to deliver data skills workshops in locations around the world. So far, we have held joint events in Senegal, Kenya, and Qatar and we are planning to extend this to more locations. The interactive workshops included a mix of discussion and knowledge sharing sessions as well as hands-on technical exercises.

“I didn’t know a training could be that much fun.”
-Lotte Ruppert, Delegate, Community Engagement, IFRC Africa

The Centre is working with a number of organizations to create a data literacy curriculum that will include a wide range of online and in-person courses, from data basics to learning how to code. We are conducting research to understand the data literacy landscape, effective teaching practices, and the priority data skills required by humanitarians. Get in touch if you want to work with us!


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