The number of models being developed to inform humanitarian action is growing rapidly. To help keep track, we are creating a catalogue of predictive models with basic information on ‘who is doing what, where and when’. Once information about the model has been reviewed and verified, we will add it to a public catalogue on the Centre’s website. 

We hope that this effort will make it easier for partners to get a quick overview of the models that are available and their current state of development. The 4W for models builds on one of the recommendations from the Centre’s predictive analytics workshop held in April 2019 and attended by over 15 organizations. It is also related to the Centre’s work to create a peer review process for partner models. 

Our initial aim is to make a catalogue with information on models under development or in use in the humanitarian sector. The models may cover a range of topics including droughts and floods, food insecurity, refugee and IDP movements, conflict, and much more. Once we have sufficient verified information, we will turn the catalogue into a searchable database. 

We need your help to get started! If your organization is developing or using a predictive model, please share information in the following Google form. 

For more information, please contact us at