HDX has a team of dedicated and talented people based in five different time zones, from the Pacific Ocean to the Black Sea.



[two_third_last]Sarah Telford, project manager, based in New York.[/two_third_last]





[two_third_last]CJ Hendrix, data services technical lead, based in Geneva. [/two_third_last]





[two_third_last]Godfrey Takavarasha, data manager, based in New York. [/two_third_last]




[two_third_last]David Megginson, system architect and data standards lead, based in Ottawa (consultant).[/two_third_last]





[two_third_last]Javier Teran, statistician and analytical lead, based in New York. [/two_third_last]





[two_third_last]Luis Capelo, community outreach lead and data analyst, based in New York (consultant). [/two_third_last]



Extended HDX team:



Aidan McGuire



Alexandru Artimon

Alexandru Gartner

Benoît Michiels

Dan Mihaila

Marianne Bellotti

Samuel Eustachi

Serban Teodorescu